Miniature Sparkle

Hello everyone,
  I am back again with some miniature sparkly house that I couldn't resist.even though I keep telling myself not to buy more Christmas stuff!
I bought these when we went to Nova Scotia a week or two ago at Wheaton's and Pier 1 They are so cute and light up with just a flick of a switch.
It is a bright sunny day here today... perfect for a walk in the sunshine.
We enjoyed the Open House last  night at Fanningbank....beautiful as always!
Thank you for your visit,

Simple Touches of Christmas

Hello everyone,

                                                                  I have just a few touches of Christmas
                                                                  in the kitchen now but in the next few
                                                                 days we will put up the tree in the bay.

                    How is your Christmas decorating   coming along?
 Just a few touches of mercury glass and natural greenery.

                                      We are getting just a nice dusting of fresh snow

                                                 Just a note to local friends, the annual Christmas Open House
                                                 is this afternoon and evening at Fanningbank. I always love
                                                 going to is always beautifully…

Christmas Library Tea

Hello everyone,

                                                          It was a beautiful sunny day here today
                                                          with a warmer temperature so I was
                                                          able to plant the last of my tulip bulbs
                                                          in the garden. I was happy to get them in
                                                          as we had such wintry weather I thought
                                                          I might have missed my window of
                                                          opportunity! I also,filled a few planters
                                                          with greenery and rosehips while enjoying
                                                          the sunshine.

A Rustic Winter Tea

Happy December weekend!
           I hope you are enjoying your weekend.           I am happy to turn the calendar page to                 December as I love the Christmas season!
                I have been doing more Christmas touches                  in and around our home as the weather was                   decent for doing a bit outdoors today.....sure    glad the strong winds have left us.

Any way, I thought it was a good day for a little rustic wintry tea. I enjoy pops of red at this time of the year so I brought out my old enamelware tea pot and a couple of enamelware mugs but if you prefer you may use my Christmas teacup. 

A slice of mince meat pie will be a nice treat.

Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for stopping by.

Red and White Transferware Display in the Kitchen

Good morning,

                                                          We had a very windy day here yesterday
                                                         knocking out power for much of the
                                                         Maritimes including us for over 16 hours.
                                                          Fortunately we are back on now but
                                                         thousands are not. It isn't even winter yet
                                                         and already we have had a few storms with
                                                         school closures etc.
                                                             I took a few shots of some of my red and
                                                         white transferware in the kitchen to share

Reflections on Mahone Bay

Hello everyone,

                                                             I hope your week is going well.
                                                             My husband and I just got back
                                                             from a little holiday in Nova Scotia.
                                                             We spent a few days in Mahone Bay
                                                             and enjoyed their Father Christmas
                                                             Festival . Mahone Bay is a beautiful
                                                             friendly little town on the south shore
                                                             of Nova Scotia and only a 4 1/2 drive
                                                             from our home.
                                                             It was fu…

Christmas Transferware Vignette

Hello everyone,
I am still making my way around  our home adding little Christmas Touches here and there.

    In our library I changed out the desk for this cabinet and the desk is in the hall where this cabinet was......makes sense right? Remember my mother always said a change is as good as a rest! Anyway, I love my red transferware displayed on top of it with a few  Christmas touches.
Mason Vista red and white transferware is a favorite of mine.

                                            I hope all my American friends had a lovely
                                                       Thanksgiving Day! I am sure it will be full
                                                        steam ahead until Christmas from now on.

                                                                           Have a wonderful weekend!